Tube Cleaning Services

Tube fouling in your condenser or heat exchanger, whether it is silt, sediment, manganese, iron oxide, or calcium carbonate can have a dramatic negative impact on heat transfer.  If bad enough, this fouling “tax” will affect the overall plant heat rate, costing a utility hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost megawatts annually.

RetubeCo offers condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaning services that will effectively restore your tubes to an as-new condition, improving the overall cleanliness factor of your exchanger. Clean tubes provide the highest level of heat transfer and are especially beneficial during the hot summer months.

In order to insure the most effective cleaning, it’s important to understand the fouling mechanisms occurring in your condenser or heat exchanger, and then select an appropriate cleaner type to address it.  RetubeCo cleaning services can address the five most common categories of fouling using industry-standard metal cleaners, nylon brushes, or plastic pigs.

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