Condenser Inspection

RetubeCo engineers can provide a detailed inspection and assessment of your condenser. Our capabilities are not limited to only testing of condenser tubes like most companies.  We are able to provided expert inspection of both the tube-side and steam-side components of the condenser.  Our condenser assessment can provide:

  • The current condition of your main condenser
  • Component condition monitoring
  • Effectiveness of your maintenance program
  • Condenser performance changes
  • A basis to support a long term strategy for your condenser

Red Flags.  We Find Them.

In addition to Eddy Current Testing of the condenser tubes, our experienced engineers look for issues that can be red flags for larger problems if left untreated.  The condition of your tube is just one aspect of a full inspection program.  Our engineers review incident rates related to:

  • Tube failures / Water chemistry alerts
  • Air Inleakage / High backpressure
  • Tube fouling / High backpressure
  • Tube fouling / High circulating water Delta P
  • High circulating water discharge temperature
  • Target heat rate exceeded
  • Erosion and corrosion
  • Thermal fatigue
  • Ammonia stress corrosion
  • Vibration analysis / Tube staking

What We Assess

  • Condenser Tubes, wall thinning, remaining useful life, failure analysis
  • Condenser shell and penetrations
  • Steam space, components and hotwell
  • Waterboxes, components, tubesheets,tube plugs
  • Expansion joints
  • Instrumentation

Taking Action

Upon completion of our condenser assessment, we provide you with a comprehensive report to allow immediate and long-term corrective action strategies for your steam condenser.  For more information, or to schedule your condenser inspection / assessment, Talk to an Engineer Today™ by using our contact form.