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The expansion joint decouples the steam condenser from the steam turbine.  One of the principle functions of the expansion joint is to absorb the differential thermal expansion between the steam turbine and the condenser while imparting minimal forces and movements on the turbine exhaust flange.  RetubeCo specializes in installation, repair or replacement of elastomeric (rubber) dog-bone type expansion joints.

Replacement of the dog-bone expansion joint is often performed during a condenser retubing, but may require intervention during operations to perform repairs.  It is critical that the dog-bone expansion joint be installed properly to avoid air inleakage into the condenser.  An improperly installed, or leaking dog-bone will negatively impact condenser performance.  RetubeCo has pioneered onsite vulcanizing of the dog-bone expansion joint with a newly designed & engineered portable system that minimizes the space that conventional vulcanizing systems require.

Our full-time engineering team can provide detailed designs for a replacement expansion joint, while our in-house machine shop can fabricate the necessary hardware.  Installation is performed by our expansion joint specialists with oversight by the engineering and project management team.   

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