Low-Pressure Feedwater Heater Retubing

RetubeCo offers a number of Low-Pressure Feedwater Heater services, including retubing, fixed and floating tube sheet replacement, bonnet repair or replacement, or complete tube bundle replacement.

RetubeCo provides retubing services and a balance of plant solutions for horizontal or vertically designed low-pressure feedwater heaters found in nuclear power plants. Low-pressure feedwater heaters are an important component of power plant operations and require periodical inspection and repair to ensure condensate water flow is heated to the optimal temperature.

We have created patented methods and techniques to maintain the reliability of tube material in low-pressure water heater systems. We inspect drain cooling zones, desuperheating, and condensing properties before overload occurs. We can also replace or repair failed low-pressure water systems, refurbishing your equipment for efficient steam turbine applications.

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