Condenser Solutions

Steam condenser repair & retubing is a highly labor-intensive and time-consuming process. Typically, hundreds of tons of tube material have to be removed and replaced several pounds at a time.

Production processes and techniques have to be effectively applied to maintain consistent and efficient movement of the tube material involved. Tens of thousands of tube-to-tube sheet joints have to be properly expanded and controlled, not just for the hydro test, but to ensure leak-tight integrity for the remaining life of the plant.

Power Plant Condenser Repair Process

RetubeCo provides contractor support and turnkey services for condenser repair and retubing. With the expectation that field conditions will be different for every project, RetubeCo condenser repair engineers and field technicians draw from processes and experience to anticipate and prepare for difficulties that may be encountered.

Seemingly insignificant differences can have a major impact on schedule, performance, and quality – issues that RetubeCo is focused on addressing to the highest standard.

Condenser Repair Tooling & Contracting Services

We provide in-house development and manufacturing of most of the highly productive tube removal tools that are necessary to efficiently remove the thousands of tubes in the main steam condenser. Utilizing these tools in the field facilitates constant improvement. Tools, however, are just one component of the collection of resources needed to deliver best-practice condenser retubing results.

RetubeCo has developed relationships with the major tube suppliers, condenser and heat exchanger engineering consultants, tube coating specialists, maintenance contractors, specialist heat exchanger tool manufacturers, OEMs, numerous subcontractors, nonferrous metal merchants, and major power plant constructors, all of which are utilized to repair condenser problems of different magnitudes.

Contact RetubeCo for any of the following main steam condenser repair services:

  • Retubing
  • Tube Removal
  • Tube Installation
  • Tube to Tubesheet Joint Expansion
  • Tube to Tubesheet Joint Push Out Testing
    (Joint Pull Out Testing )
  • Tube Testing
  • Tooling & Technical Support
  • Sample Tube Removal 
  • Tube Plugging 
  • Tube Staking
  • Tube-to-Tubesheet Welding
  • Tube Sleeving
  • Tubesheet Repair
  • Tubesheet Replacement

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