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Tubesheet Leak Detection

Air Inleakage Testing

RetubeCo provides expert leak detection services to uncover both tube leaks, and air inleakage in and around your steam condenser or generator. Depending on the characteristics of your leak, our crew will mobilize with the appropriate technology to locate the leak, and at your option, provide immediate corrective action.  RetubeCo can pull or plug leaking tubes, and improve the tube-to-tubesheet joint if necessary to solve your problem.

Sources of air inleakage can be numerous and their combined effects on plant efficiency will negatively impact your plant heat rate.  Additionally, excessive condenser air inleakage increases high dissolved oxygen levels and will ultimately lead to damage to expensive components including your turbine and boiler if left unchecked.  Some common points of air inleakage into the steam path are:

  • Vacuum pumps
  • Manways
  • Test probe penetrations
  • Rupture discs
  • Condensate pumps
  • Valve packing 
  • and more

Helium leak detection is a highly effective and quick method for locating sources of air inleakage provided the equipment operator understands the steam path, and how to disperse the tracer gas.  The wrong location, not enough or too much tracer gas, as well as improper calibration of the equipment can mean the difference in successfully identifying a leak, or going unnoticed.  Our leak detection specialists have decades of experience and will find your leaks quickly and accurately.  

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